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As a content strategy masters student, I quickly learned that content audits are an integral part of the field. After all, if you do not know what your current content looks like, how can you develop a strategy that achieves your business goals? More importantly though, I have found that auditing content through the lens of one’s users is invaluable. In this article, I explore persona-driven content audits.

Why persona-driven content audits?

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Intelligent content is reusable, discoverable, reconfigurable and adaptable.

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Get rid of the fluff in your messaging. Focus on what matters. Photo by Emmanuel Holveck — Lafay from Pexels

“We’re on a mission to change the world. But we know it’s not easy — that’s why we’re pushing boundaries and challenging norms. Innovation and creativity are not just buzzwords at [insert company name here] — they’re part of our DNA. What unites us is a relentless drive to transform how you [insert consumer activity here], while nurturing our communities and rebuilding the world we live in.”

Azza El Arabi

UX writer, Content Strategist. Lifelong learner. When I'm not writing or reading about user-driven communications, I'm travelling and chilling with my cat.

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